Ron Yu

June 17, 2021

Engagement, engagement, engagement - how to make online classes fun!

According to a research, the teaching environment plays a huge role and with the right environment, students in an online group can be both more motived and engaged than in a physical group.

Ron Yu

June 22, 2021

Reimagining Education (1)

Covid-19 forced many schools to go from physical to online classes and, given the current continuing sporadic disease outbreaks, it is probably safe to assume online education is here to stay.

Ron Yu

July 1, 2021

Reimagining Education (2)

One of the challenges of online teaching is feedback. In a physical classroom, it is relatively easy for an instructor to assess whether students are engaged or not by simply looking at students – assuming the instructor can clearly see all the students.

Ron Yu

July 7, 2021

Why Chinese is so hard

Learning a foreign language like Chinese requires motivation (such as passing the HSK3 test within three months). This can be made more challenging without good teaching materials that are compelling, and support.

Ron Yu

July 15, 2021

How to be your students’ favourite teacher

Science and history have proven we learn best with stories, so go with the proven strategy. Create a story. The story need not be a masterpiece, but it should be relatable to your students.

Ron Yu

July 21, 2021

How to make great teaching materials

For many teachers, the hardest part of creating materials for their students is getting started. They worry about whether what they will create is good.

Ron Yu

July 28, 2021

3 ways to make your online class shine

When I taught primary school, the most important lesson I learned was from an older, experienced educator who taught me that making sure students are not distracted is the first thing you need to do – after all you cannot teach a class when students are running around.